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Man using his business credit card

Business Credit Card

Visa® Business Credit Card

Controlled Spending

Controlled Spending Manage your company’s cash flow conveniently and efficiently with a Visa® Business Card. Its flexibility allows you to preset spending limits for each employee cardholder. Online account information helps you monitor available funds 24/7. Detailed monthly statements and reports itemize your business expenditures to help you track expenses and prepare for tax season.

Secure Transactions

Fraud monitoring helps detect suspicious activity early. Visa Zero Liability protects against unauthorized card use and grants provisional credit.

Worldwide Acceptance

The Visa Business card gives you international buying power. Use it everywhere Visa is accepted. Purchase office equipment, order supplies online or dine with clients.

Business ScoreCard Rewards – Optional

Earn one point for every dollar spent, redeemable for exciting gift and travel packages! Householding option available for even greater earning potential.

Premium Services

Protect your business with the following Visa Business card services:

  • Purchase security

  • Extended warranty protection

  • Auto rental insurance

  • Travel and emergency services

  • Travel accident insurance up to $150,000

  • AutoPay program

  • Online access at

  • Visa® Zero Liability

  • Visa® Liability Waiver

Frequently Asked Questions about the Visa® Credit Card Application

Why is the online application printable rather than able to be completed on the computer?

Currently we do not offer a true-online application due to concerns with receiving fraudulent applications. A printable application will allow convenience and compliance with fewer fraudulent requests.


Can we email the link to our customers individually or in a direct email solicitation?

No, do not email the link directly to your customers. With the additional identification characters after the domain name, it is too likely they will not receive the correct information. However, feel free to email your customers regarding the location of your printable application.


Can we download the application and keep a copy on our desktop?

No, do not save a copy of the downloaded application on your desktop. The Important Disclosures section of the application may change as regulations require or as the rate is adjusted based on our index, the U.S. Prime Rate. You will receive the most current compliant application ONLY by using the link. You can save the link to your desktop using the Web-Link Bookmark instructions provided.


Will our applications still be bank branded?

Yes, your printable application has your bank logo on the first page and on the application input page. Your bank identification number will be on the application input page. Reporting, tracking, and compensation for applications will be available.


Our printable application shows an old bank logo, how do we fix it?

If your bank logo is incorrect on your printable application, just email the correct logo to We will get it updated for you.


What if we can’t download the application using the link?

Adobe Reader is required to open the PDF file. If you can’t open the file, or your computer does not recognize the file, go to to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is free.


If we don’t allow employees to access the Internet, how do we use the link?

At least one person in the bank will need to access the link to obtain the printable application. It can be placed in a common place on the network for employee access. Bank Card will send notice of any updates to the application to your Primary Bank Card Contact so you can keep the file current manually.

This link below will trigger a secondary window, which will ask if you want to save or open the application. If you choose to “Open” the application, you will be prompted to choose an application to open the file in. Adobe Acrobat is recommended for opening the new application file.

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